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Wednesday, 31 August 2022

DAK Attack – LRDG Patrol

My patrol vehicles are now completed. As discussed previously, I 3D printed them in roughly 1/130th scale, using Bergman .stl files from Thingiverse.

His LRDG Chevrolet files are many and varied…..Windscreen up/down etc. etc. together with a multitude of armaments.

Includes the two 15mm trial prints at the back and a trial SAS jeep I printed too

What they lack are crew figures.

I found some very good 15mm scale sculpts of a SAS jeep crew on Thingiverse that fitted the bill nicely. There are three figures in the set, a driver with steering wheel, a crew member with Bren Gun and an empty-handed crew member. All are seated with their lower legs missing and wearing Arab head-dress.

Using these figures, I was able to crew up every vehicle.

 Following the guidance of the rule book (and the Osprey book on LRDG) I created a mid-1942 half-patrol.

  • Two “Pilot” jeeps – like SAS jeeps but only armed with 1 x twin Vickers “K” guns
  • One Wireless Chevrolet - aerial & forward facing .50" HMG
  • One Medical Chevrolet - Rear facing twin Vickers "K" guns
  • One Fitters Chevrolet – additional wooden chest for spares & tools
  • One “Scorpio’s Tail” Chevrolet – mounting a captured 20mm Breda cannon

I’ve also received from Pendraken 30 x  Afrika Korps figures, 3 x Motorcycle Combinations and a pack of 10 x Commandos – to use as dismounted LRDG crews.

I’ve mounted them in pairs & singles and am about to commence the painting.

Monday, 15 August 2022

Random Printing Activity....

 Over the last week or so I was stuck in isolation due the dreaded "Rona". Once the initial symptoms had faded, but still testing positive, I got a bit of printing done.

Firstly I got the patrol vehicles for DAK Attack produced in 1/130th scale. Here's the Breda 20mm cannon armed example.

My next venture is for a long standing ("Back Burner") project - playing the D-Day landings. My enthusiasm has been fired once more to get on with this by the new Rapid Fire Reloaded scenario supplement which follows the Canadian army in from JUNO beach commencing with the landings at Courcelles (Wn 36 & 37 if my memory serves me well). 

These scenario requires you to field LCT4's, LCMs and LCAs. The latter two are available as .stls from the ever prolific Marco Bergman. However I couldn't find a workable LCT4 file.

I decided I'd knock one together myself! This is the result, broken into parts so it will fit my printer's bed and drawn up in 3D Builder using some blown-up features from the LCM.

You'll have to forgive the lack of historical accuracy, these were largely created in my mind!! I just wanted a model that could accomodate 6 or so Sherman tanks so that's where the size came from. You can see my Sherman Crab hull (another creation for my D-Day collection) which will give you an idea of size. Alongside is Marco Bergman's LCA model complete with two crew figures already sculpted in place. This is a lovely file and prints in one piece. These have been primed using Grey Automotive undercoat and are awaiting weathering and detailing.

Finally, I got around to creating an arable farmed square for my Strength & Honour games. Its 3D printed with sand glued on top with PVA. I've only made one so far but will do a few more when I get time, painting them up in a variety of colours to make them all look slightly different. This is 100x100mm to exactly fit my grid squares.

Wednesday, 10 August 2022

DAK Attack

 Having read through my DAK Attack ruleset, I'm quite taken with their simplicity and approach to solo gaming.

The basic game is based around a half patrol of LRDG vehicles carrying out a raid on an airfield or similar and afterwards surviving its journey back to friendly lines.

The initial raid has rules for all the activity you would need (laying charges, firefights, carrying out running repairs to vehicles and crew) and a simple card based AI to control the DAK forces ranged against you.

Once the raid is completed, the surving vehicles and their crews must make their way back home. This is controlled by the cards once again. Firstly you decide how many days this will take you to complete. Then deal yourself that many cards from the deck. Pick a card for the first day and follow the instructions....

This could be setting an ambush, or being ambushed, collecting water from an oasis, putting in a road watch operation etc. etc.

You just work your way through each day and when (if!) you get back you can total your victory points to see how successful you've been. 

The game is aimed at 20-28mm figures but I'm thinking I'd like to try it at 12mm (or my home grown 1/130th  scale). To this end I've tried printing off some of Marco Bergman's lovely little SAS Jeeps & Chevrolet 15cwt trucks. The pictures show my 1/100th and 1/130th versions and a battlefront example for comparison.

An example 1942 patrol comprised 2 x "Pilot" Jeeps armed with twin Vicker 'K' guns and 4 x Chevrolet 15cwt trucks - 1 x radio vehicle, 1 x Fitters vehicle, 1 x Medical vehicle and 1 x "Scorpion's tail" or Breda 20mm cannon armed vehicle.

The Bergman files are fantastic as they provide every possible example of Chevrolet truck  armament so you can depict 4 individual vehicles for your patrol similarly you can do the same with the jeeps. Searching Thingiverse also throws up 1/100th scale seated crew figures you can use to populate the patrol.

All I'll need to get are some Pendraken DAK figures and I'll be away! 

Tuesday, 19 July 2022

Attack 2022!

 A quick trip down the M4 to Devizes to visit Attack 2022! - back after three years.

Interesting little show. Not too many big traders, but some interesting ones all the same.

I noted that there were several traders selling items that had been 3D printed. Figures, vehicles and terrain pieces. A market that can only continue to grow and provide punters with increased variety of offerings as they go!

Some nice demo games, though many players appeared to be in a bubble when it came to engaging with anyone observing.

Lots of competition games going on, but these guys were too focussed to chat, so nothing much to see there.

The site is a secondary school and the show is split between several buildings. Thankfully I'd been here before and could find my way around, but a small map might have been helpful to anyone new?

Good Bring & Buy stall. I got a copy of Featherstone's Battles with Model Soldiers for £1! And an unused set of DAK Attack LRDG Raiding rules for £10.

A couple of Rapid Fire scenario books fell into my bag as well. Though when I looked online I realised afterwards that Grubby Tanks is charging more for them than they are to buy from the publisher😕

All in all a pleasant day out to my first wargame show since Crusade in 2020. Would I go next year, not sure. It's a long way and a fuel is so very expensive!

Sunday, 12 June 2022

Strength & Honour - 2mm Ancients (7)

 I decided to have a check up on what I've created to date for Strength & Honour. This was to confirm if there's anything else I think I need to print, and to enthuse me to get on and actually try a game!

My Roman Army.

Fortuitously, I printed my bases at 80mm width and 45mm depth. This meant that I could pack them away quite safely in a 1.5 litre Really Useful Box. I could fit 7 bases to a layer, protected simply by a strip of bubble wrap. There was room in the box for all my figure bases...that's two enormous armies + their encampments!!

Look how portable this system is!

I already had a Deep Cut Studio gridded (100x100mm) mat that I will use to play on and steered my choice for base colouring.

The remainder of what's needed to play fitted into another Really Useful Box - this time one holding 1.6 litres. I printed out Command Boards reduced in size to match the box dimensions so they could all be stored together. Also in this box is room for all my terrain pieces, the Disaster & Set-Back cards, some "Disordered" tokens I printed off and some Roman coins to use as Command Tokens. I've printed off some of Mark Backhouse's name labels and intend to fix those to their bases using good old-fashioned Blu-Tack.

Doh! I thought I'd printed 9 wood bases.....

This has proved a worthwhile exercise, as I've noticed that I'm a wood base short of what I thought I'd printed, so that's on the printer as I type.

My Gaul/Ancient Briton Warband based Army

I really pleased with all these. Its the first time I've been able to take up a new period/rules and created everything I need for myself - nothing purchased but the rules! If only I could find the time to get on and try them out......

Monday, 2 May 2022

MVT Wartime Wheels 2022 at Caldicot Castle

 A pleasant (if cloudy) bank holiday day-out to the closest military vehicle show to where we live in South Wales.

For the first time in 2 years the Military Vehicle Trust (MVT) have been able to put on their 2 day show at Caldicot Castle. The show appears to have been very well attended with living history stands and vehicles and as it's free to the public, well attended with visitors too.

Mainly softskin vehicles on show (inevitably a lot of jeeps!), there were a few less common exhibits this time - towed Rapier launcher for example.

I thoroughly recommend popping along, if you're in the area. I guess it will be the same time next year😀

I'll let the pictures do the talking....