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Tuesday, 19 July 2022

Attack 2022!

 A quick trip down the M4 to Devizes to visit Attack 2022! - back after three years.

Interesting little show. Not too many big traders, but some interesting ones all the same.

I noted that there were several traders selling items that had been 3D printed. Figures, vehicles and terrain pieces. A market that can only continue to grow and provide punters with increased variety of offerings as they go!

Some nice demo games, though many players appeared to be in a bubble when it came to engaging with anyone observing.

Lots of competition games going on, but these guys were too focussed to chat, so nothing much to see there.

The site is a secondary school and the show is split between several buildings. Thankfully I'd been here before and could find my way around, but a small map might have been helpful to anyone new?

Good Bring & Buy stall. I got a copy of Featherstone's Battles with Model Soldiers for £1! And an unused set of DAK Attack LRDG Raiding rules for £10.

A couple of Rapid Fire scenario books fell into my bag as well. Though when I looked online I realised afterwards that Grubby Tanks is charging more for them than they are to buy from the publisher😕

All in all a pleasant day out to my first wargame show since Crusade in 2020. Would I go next year, not sure. It's a long way and a fuel is so very expensive!

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  1. I used to go to Attack when it was in the Cornmarket as I lived not far away. Back then it was a very lively show with lots of traders.
    Looks like it's suffered a bit following the pandemic.