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Thursday, 18 March 2021

28mm HotT Goblin Army

I've now finished my Goblin army, using the figures that came with the Battle of Skull Pass box set (7th Edition Warhammer) together with a few additional items to create the more exotic units.

I've created all the likely options for a Goblin force and can now pick and mix to create 24 point armies to suit.

Here they are in all their glory!

The bulk of army is made up of "recycleable" Hordes of Goblins.

The Goblin General is part of a Warband unit

The Magician unit comprises a Goblin Shamen in a 3D printed stone circle

Another option is to have a Lurker unit hidden in wooded areas. Here a mounted giant spider from the box set provides just such a character.

Mounted support comes in the shape of a couple of Wolf mounted Riders units.

Heavy support could be from a Troll as a Behemoth unit?

The army's stronghold base is 85x85mm and incorporates the Goblin "wigwam" and iconography from the box set.

Another support option are the giant bats forming the Flyer units.

And the giant wolves forming a beasts unit.

I painted up the widget to make the numbers easier to read.

Fired with enthusiasm, I'm now building up an Empire army using a mix of figures I've had hanging around for years.😀

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