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Wednesday, 31 August 2022

DAK Attack – LRDG Patrol

My patrol vehicles are now completed. As discussed previously, I 3D printed them in roughly 1/130th scale, using Bergman .stl files from Thingiverse.

His LRDG Chevrolet files are many and varied…..Windscreen up/down etc. etc. together with a multitude of armaments.

Includes the two 15mm trial prints at the back and a trial SAS jeep I printed too

What they lack are crew figures.

I found some very good 15mm scale sculpts of a SAS jeep crew on Thingiverse that fitted the bill nicely. There are three figures in the set, a driver with steering wheel, a crew member with Bren Gun and an empty-handed crew member. All are seated with their lower legs missing and wearing Arab head-dress.

Using these figures, I was able to crew up every vehicle.

 Following the guidance of the rule book (and the Osprey book on LRDG) I created a mid-1942 half-patrol.

  • Two “Pilot” jeeps – like SAS jeeps but only armed with 1 x twin Vickers “K” guns
  • One Wireless Chevrolet - aerial & forward facing .50" HMG
  • One Medical Chevrolet - Rear facing twin Vickers "K" guns
  • One Fitters Chevrolet – additional wooden chest for spares & tools
  • One “Scorpio’s Tail” Chevrolet – mounting a captured 20mm Breda cannon

I’ve also received from Pendraken 30 x  Afrika Korps figures, 3 x Motorcycle Combinations and a pack of 10 x Commandos – to use as dismounted LRDG crews.

I’ve mounted them in pairs & singles and am about to commence the painting.

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