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Tuesday 10 October 2023

Loser Shed Make-Over

 After talking about it for probably 5 years, I have finally got around to getting a new laminate floor laid in the loser shed. Together with a space-age insulation underlay, I'm hoping this will make things a little more warm through the winter.

Tilly the terrier seems to approve!

 I've also treated the Loser Shed to some posh draught excluder around the door and a super-efficient ceramic fan heater which allegedly only costs 15pence an hour to run ..... we will see.

All this has led to a delay in progress with the 15mm pirates and their ships. All the figures are now finished, but there's still a bunch of cannon to paint and four resin ships.

The ship at the very rear was picked up at a Bristol Bring & buy some years ago and in storage until now. The two in the centre are Peter Pig ships bought at the IPMS show and the painted example is Colin's ship from those original starter sets.

Here's my original ship bought from Peter Pig many years ago.

The remaining ships require the addition of the small metal details that came with them (Cannon sticking out of gun-ports, ships-wheels and the like) before I prime them and finish them with speed paints of one type or another.

1 comment:

  1. Jealous of that shed!
    I used to have one; it had been built by the previous owner but one. He was a woodworker / carpenter who had used it to build a gypsy caravan which he and his wife lived in after leaving the house.
    It was wood with corrugated iron for the roof, freezing in winter. Had about 8' x 5' of table, workbench, storage cupboards and towards the end a Roman mouse.....
    I know it was Roman because the only figure boxes it got into, shredded and p***ed in were the 15mm Carthaginians.....☺
    I suspect it moved with us to the new house, as one fell foul of a trap in the attic; alas mus infortunatus......