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Monday, 14 February 2011

My Workbench

Here's where it all happens. My Workbench (or as my kids call it - my "Thrapshed").

What's on the bench at the moment?
  • D&P 28mm Italian Special Forces
  • 15mm Forged in Battle Waffen SS
  • Xylon 1/600 Triremes
  • Warlord 28mm Plastic Germans
  • 15mm Peter Pig Pirates, and
  • 10mm Pendraken Fantasy figures based for HotT.
Waiting in the wings?
  • 15mm Plastic Soldier Company Russians + T34's
  • 15mm Forged in Battle Tiger 1
  • 15mm Battlefront Sexton
  • and numerous other unstarted projects...........

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