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Thursday, 15 September 2011

28mm ECW- Victory Without Quarter

I've long harboured the desire to wargame the English Civil War. Living on the English/Welsh border we are spoilt for choice when looking for ECW battle sites to visit (Worcester is only 40 mins away) and I've always loved this period in history.
The downside is I could never see this being my main period for gaming - just a pleasant break from the norm if you like. And therein lies the problem. Where do you find some simple, fast play rules that give a good game and are easy to learn?
Well at last I may have tracked just such a set down - Victory Without Quarter by Clarence Harrison.
These rules are well presented, appear to be well respected and look to be just the job for a quick, fun game in an evening.
This has also given me an excuse to finally collect some Warlord Games Plastic ECW figures......with Colette very kindly ordering me the Battalia box from Maelstrom Games at the weekend.
An Infantry Regt. only needs to be three 60x60mm bases each with 6 figures (12 Musket + 6 Pike) and Cavalry Regts. two 80x60mm bases with three mounted figures each. Brigade Commanders are mounted on 60mm dia. bases.

A perfectly good army of three Infantry Regts , 2 Cavalry Regts and a Cannon certainly isn't going to break the bank. Better get a move on....I've 90 Infantry and 24 Cavalry to paint and base.....


  1. Looking good. Before you know it you'll be doing Edgehill and have huge armies!
    It's a period I've never quite connected with. I did a lot of research one on the Siege of Newcastle and very nearly took the plunge. Maybe one day.
    All the best