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Saturday, 14 April 2012

"Back in the saddle"

Well I've got back into my figure painting after a 2-3 month lay-off.

I've been doing a Life Drawing course which swallowed up most of my creative effort + I'd spent a great deal of time planning our annual battlefield tour (which hopefully you will have recently read about).

Now it's time to get going again, and the first things I've finished are these Pendraken Mark IVs and A7V. These are a hint of my latest project - WW1 in 10mm!

I've long wanted to wargame this period but couldn't make my mind up on scale our rules. Now I've settled on 10mm for battalion/brigade size actions I need to decide on rules.

I've more sets that I care to count; including TTG Trench (from 1980s), Great War Spearhead, Over the Top, Bloody Picnic, Square Bashing, If the Lord Spares Us, etc.. None of which I truly feel comfortable with. Recently I found these on the Pendraken Forum - http://www.pendraken.co.uk/FileBin/FLANDERS%20FIELDS%20V1_2012.pdf - they're thoughtfully written and have separate play sheets covering different stages of the war and their quite different tactics. Maybe these will be the ones?

Or I could always go back to my original plan and try and write my own based on BKC II?

I'll keep you posted......

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