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Friday, 31 August 2012

Zvezda 15mm Sdkfz 222 - Part Two

Painting the diminutive Sdkfz 222 armoured car followed my usual method for early war German Armour.

Step 1.  Spray paint the model in white primer. In this case I'd already fixed the finished model to its textured mdf base.
Step 2. Paint the entire model Vallejo Dark Grey and the base Earth Brown.
Step 3. Paint the Dark Grey areas with Vallejo Sepia Wash. Then paint the tyres Black
Step 4. Heavily dry-brush the model with slightly lightened Dark grey.
Step 5. Now lightly dry-brush the raised detail, and the textured base, with Vallejo Sand.
Step 6. Pick out the details like the exhausts, lights and the spade and the add decals - surplus from Dragon 1/144 models
Step 7. Spray firstly with GW Purity Seal, followed (when dry) with Army Painter Matt Coat spray. Finally add static grass.
And there we are, a cracking little model of a popular vehicle.
Left Side View

Top view
Front View
Rear View

A challenging model compared to, say the T34/76, but rewarding all the same.

Thoroughly recommended.

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