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Friday, 28 September 2012

Bolt Action Rules

Having taken a look through the rule books at Colours, I hurried home and placed my order.

Initial look gives me a WW2 40K kind of feel. But I'm not put off by this as I like the idea of an easy to learn game with a WW2 feel - which is what most reviewers seem to be saying.

I also like the idea of small army sizes - I like collecting & painting figures more than anything so these rules will give me bags of excuses to carry on.
The big question is what scale?
I bought the Warlord 28mm Germans as soon as they came out, assembled and painted them.
But now I've sold them in favour of the Crusader Metal figures I picked up from Ian Allen Bookstores, for a song.
Nice chunky figures that are easy to paint, I bought these and the Brits for just £28 the two boxes (24/box)
I've also go the Plastic Soldier Company 28mm Russians that came free with a Miniature Wargames Subscription!
These are perfect for Bolt Action - with a box of infantry, heavy weapons and 45mm anti-tank guns you've got more than enough for a 1000pt army for less than £50.
Ok, so the detail doesn't quite measure up to Warlord's standards, but they're adequate.
Now I picked up four 28mm tanks for £15 on the B&B at Colours I'm really almost there (a Sherman & 3 T34's) for 28mm armies.

But now I've pre-ordered the new Flames of Warhammer Starter set.....just for all the nice miniatures.....

This would allow me to do Bolt action in 15mm......Oh what a to do! I know, I'll do it in both scales!


  1. Do what I do mate. Bolt Action in 28mm and Blitkrieg Commander in 15mm.

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  3. Thanks Omor and Baccus, much appreciated