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Tuesday, 21 May 2013

15mm Flames of Warhammer starter set - Shermans

Altogether 6 M4 Shermans, 2 Sherman Fireflies, 3 Stug IIIs, 2 Pak40s, a V1 on its launch ramp and over 100 figures all for £45 from Firestorm Games in Cardiff - bargain!

Mini-rule book and starter scenery consigned to the "perhaps I'll read later" pile.......I'm read to start assembling my horde.
Only 12 parts.....should be quick and simple.
Not the best part fitting model I've ever made.......
The only way to get a decent fit is to use the world's supply of mini clamps! Even then I still needed filler either side of the glacis plate.
No such problems with the turret.

Each model comes with a choice of three commander figures (useful to identify commanders etc) and a lot of stowage - bed rolls, wheels, track etc.

Altogether not too bad. They aren't as crisply sculpted as say a PSC model, in fact they look like they're tooled from one of their resin masters. I think they'll look more than serviceable once painted up.

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