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Friday, 23 August 2013

TFL Chain of Command Rules

Well call me weak, but I've fallen in line with what seems like the rest of the WW2 wargaming community and per-ordered the new skirmish rules from TFL.
Impressively for me as a confirmed tight arse, I've got myself the book, the PDF, the iPad version, sexy CoC dice and counters!!

I think what swayed me to finally buy a set of their rules from new, was their finally dropping their standard card driven mechanisms and blinds.

Book looks good (not their fault our dear postman decided folding the packet in half would be a good idea to get it through the letter box!) and is well produced.

I'll have to wait to see how they play, but I really enjoyed their six part exposé on YouTube, so am confident. Whilst there's been lots of bumf on the web and in print about how this is the first set to capture accurately small unit tactics, I think Jim Webster beat them by about 20 years ago with a set published in an early MW.

It'll have to be 15mm to start off with while I paint up some German 28's to take on my Soviets........

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