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Saturday, 14 September 2013

Square Bashing Playing Surface

As part of my 10mm SB II plans I needed a playing surface.

The rules state an area of  48 (8 x 6) 150x150mm squares - 1200x900mm for the 15mm game.

I've decided (rightly or wrongly) to reduce the square size to 100x100mm as my figures are on much smaller bases (25x20mm rather than 30x30mm).

This would mean I need an area 800x600mm. I found the answer in Hobbycraft - an 800x600mm ready prepared canvas. 

started by giving the canvas a coat of cheap acrylic green paint.
Next I gave it an all over wash of diluted antique oak coloured satin varnish.
To take the sheen off I gave it a coat of Army Painter matt coat spray.
Then finally I marked out the grid with a Sharpie permanent pen.
Now all I need are some terrain pieces mounted on 2 square big mdf sheets as described in the rule book, hills, shelled areas, woods, built up areas etc...

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