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Sunday, 29 December 2013

28mm Rorke's Drift

Well I've finally got there. After 12 months to the day I have finished my Warlord Games Rorke's Drift!
It's been a thoroughly enjoyable exercise. But took me rather longer than I hoped.
My time for modelling, gaming and blogging are rather limited these days as I've become a part-time student. Well that's my excuse anyway.
Initially I started by trying to paint the walls white after I'd finished building the hospital. This proved difficult as I tried to paint around the exposed brick work and window frames. 
I was just going to paint the brick work with wash to bring out the texture. But it was taking for ever to complete. Time for plan B.
I approached the storehouse differently. Two coats of white primer were sprayed on the parts whilst still on the sprues.
Then the brick work was painted brick red and the window & door frames brown. Once dry I washed these areas in sepia before giving all areas a dry brush of white.
Once dry I assembled as per instructions using PVA glue. All that was required then was to touch up the edges that were hidden when on the sprue.
Much quicker and a good finish.
The models go together flawlessly and are a pleasure to build. Each has internal walls creating individual rooms with open doorways. The doors are not included, which I felt was a shame but are available seperate lay from 4Ground at £4.50 for both buildings. The detail on the resin walls, barricades and wagon is superb and they were a pleasure to paint. I simply sprayed a dark brown undercoat and then dry brushed the various top colours.
Game play will be endless with this set. I just need to get on and paint the figures now......

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