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Thursday, 22 May 2014

Zvezda 1/100 Matilda Tanks.

Lloyd Next on the list were the two versions of the Matilda Infantry Tank that Zvezda have recently released for their early war version of Art of Tactics.
The Matilda II will be popular for both early and desert war scenarios. This kit is back to Zvezda at their simplest best. Only 9 parts in total!
Moulded in a hard, sand coloured plastic, the parts come on two sprues.
First up came the turret. Just three parts - turret, mantelet and cupola.
The lower hull parts could be clipped together, but I glue them just to be sure.
Once completed it just needs the upper hull and rear panel adding.
There it is finished. You can see from the figures in the background that this is a small vehicle. I think the kit really captures the classic shape of the Matilda. Another winner from Zvezda.
It's tiny predecessor, the Matilda I, is a favourite of mine. I've always wanted a model of one since reading Gerald Scarbourough's Airfix Guide to AFV Modelling in the 70's where he scratch built one using two rear suspension units from Airfix Halftracks!
This time there's only 6 parts! All on one sand coloured sprue.
It was so simple I took all the parts off the sprue in one go.
The hull is made up of three parts. The picture shows the bottom two assembled just waiting for the upper, third part to be added.
All that's left is to add the two track assemblies and the turret.
And there we have it. Two beautiful little Matilda Models. I may at some time do an early war scenario, I've always fancied an Operation Sealion battle. But for the time being these will be finished and put in the cabinet to admire.
By way of an update, here's the finished articles.
Both finished in the black and green camoflague of the BEF in 1940.

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