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Sunday, 24 August 2014

HOTT Terrain Boards - Part Five

Finally it's all come together. The first four boards are finished.
There has been some warping, particularly the plain board, which surprised me. In an effort to overcome this I painted the back of the board in neat PVA and left it to dry. This does make a difference and I think storing the boards in a RUB with the armies stacked on top will help keep them relatively flat.
The boards, hills, box of terrain and (so far) five 10mm Pendraken armies all fit comfortably into a 21litre box that cost a tenner.
Here the Wood Elves face up to a Mountain Dwarf Army. Most of the terrain pieces (trees, huts, White Horse, Stone Circle etc) are resin items by The Square. These are only really available from his stand at shows and whilst cheap and cheerful, are really very well sculpted.

Now I need two new Strongholds - for the Barbarian and Ratmen armies.
Starting with a 60x80mm mdf base and a large thatched hut from the Square, I sculpted a palisade fence from Milliput and cocktail sticks. I also added double doors to the hut from two pieces of a coffee stirrer. For the Rats I've sculpted the entrance to a sewer from milliput with a "festering pool" outside which is a resin shell hole from The Square.
Once this had all dried, both received a coat of dilute PVA and fine sand. Also in the shot are a random monument from The Square that I thought might make a useful objective some fir trees mounted on an mdf hexagon base and the heavy brigade from my Dwarf army - all from Kallistra.

I've got to wait for them to dry before undercoating and painting.

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