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Tuesday, 19 August 2014

HOTT Terrain Boards - Part Three

The remaining two boards were finished in the same way as the first. One with a river bend, the other a plain grassed board ready to receive the hills.
I had watched Woodland Scenics YouTube video on hill making with their vinyl backed realistic grass sheets and thought how hard can it be?

My wife has a crafting heat gun, so with a former made from artists foam board I had a go.....
As a first effort I wasn't too disappointed.
I had originally intended to fix these to the boards permanently, and to use this effort I'd need to mask the edges a bit with clump foliage and rocks. At this point I decided to have another go.
Second time round, leaving a 12mm margin around the edge of the former, things went much better. In fact I decided I'd make 3mm mdf bases for the hills and use them as seperate terrain pieces.
I'll touch the edges up with paint and I think they'll do the trick.
While all this was going the four finished boards had dried. Ok there's some slight warping, but not too bad. I'm pleased with the finish so far.