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Tuesday, 27 January 2015

HOTT; BarnHott 2015

January 18th 2015 and Colin and I are on our way to Bristol, and the Lincombe Barn Wargames Club's annual HOTT competition.
(Colin chooses his army)

Both us relative newbies to the rules, we thought what better way to learn how to play them than by embarrassing ourselves amongst experts!
(Taking on the Russian Hordes)

We were instantly made very welcome and assured that the competition would be light hearted.....which I have to say it was throughout.
(Facing up to the Undead)

I cost us £6 including unlimited coffee, lunch (Mmmm....pies) and four games over the course of the day.
(Here they come!!)

All armies had to be 15mm and you kept the same 24AP army throughout. I provided both Dwarf armies (due to Colin's paint aversion).
(Got them on the ropes.)

Mine consisted of;
1 x hero general (4ap)
1 x magician (4ap)
8 x blades (16ap)
(Snowbound Space Marine behemoths are rather "hard")

Colin's was more adventurous!
1 x hero general (4ap)
1 x cleric (3ap)
1 x behemoth (4ap)
1 x Artillery (3ap)
1 x flyer (2ap)
2 x blades (4ap)
2 x spears (4ap)
(Colin facing the Stampede!)

My Opponents consisted of medieval Russians, Undead, Space Marine and Reptilian armies and I managed 2 victories & 2 defeats.
(Fighting  the ECW army to a standstill - draw!)

Colin's opponents were Wizard of Oz, Reptilian, Stampede (cows!) and ECW armies. He managed 3 defeats and a draw.
(Third Prize!)

Both of us had a fantastic time, learnt a lot about HOTT and can't wait for next year. And no one was more surprised than me at my coming in at third place overall!! 


  1. Colin's army may I been more adventurous, but I fear less legal (unless there were special rules in force)... No more than 12AP in a standard army may be of elements costing 3 or more AP, and Colin spent 14AP on such

  2. Well spotted Unknown. Didn't help him though!!