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Friday, 14 August 2015


I've been to this primarily modelling show the last two years. Each year there was a small wargaming representation but nothing to really write home about.
This year I swore I wouldn't bother, but as Colette and I were at a loose end and looking for a day out we decided to head down to Bristol and I'd take a look around whilst she raided IKEA.
This year I was pleasantly surprised. There were a good few demo/participation games, a bring and buy and a good mix of wargame traders amongst the kit vendors.
Another Waterloo re fight amongst others.

On Rob Broom's Scarab Miniatures stall I found these little beauties and couldnt resist them.
Black Adder Goes Forth in 28mm; Edmund himself, George, Baldrick, Darling, Melchett, Lord Flash and "Bob"! There's even Melchy's drinks cabinet for good measure. What fun!

What did I say about getting diverted?

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