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Sunday, 23 August 2015

WW1 28mm - Black Adder Goes Forth

I've finished my Black Adder Scarab Miniature Figures. What fun they were to paint and I really like the finished article.
Edmund himself with Balders in the background.
Baldrick complete with dead rat!
George with cricket bat.
General Melchett in typical pose.
Captain Darling.
General Melchett's Drinks cabinet (so you can move it closer to Berlin, I guess!).
Driver "Bob".
And last but by no means least, Lord Flasheart. Actually their "Downed Pilot" figure with the addition of a putty moustache.

The sculpting was such that the figures were simplicity itself to paint well. There was so much exaggerated detail for the sepia wash to settle in and for highlights to be picked out, that you can't go wrong.

Whilst looking for reference/inspiration pictures on the Internet, I stumbled upon Battle Flag's 28mm vignette capturing that immortal moment when Edmund, George, Darling and Baldrick finally "Go over the top". This is a lovely little piece for £15.95 (£1 going to an armed forces charity) comprising of a three tier mdf plinth, cast resin trench top/no-mans land base (with cut outs for figures) a length of shell damaged barbed wire and four figures in white metal. Needless to say this will be my next distraction......


  1. Hey Tim- these are excellent! I'm straying towards the purchase button as I type this!

  2. Go for it Gunrunner! You won't regret it!!