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Sunday, 28 February 2016

Perry 28mm WotR Infantry

First couple of bases worth finished. Very pleasurable to paint too.
Like painting fantasy figures, no need to slavishly follow uniform conventions. This base represents a unit of Levies for Bloody Barons. One Captain (armoured knight), 3 fighting men (front rank of pole arms) and 4 bows (rear rank of archers).
All based on 2p coins and held as a unit in Products for a Wargamers' movement tray.
Those figures who are primarily dressed in armour were primed with Army Painter Plate armour spray. These figures were very quick to paint so I think my next boxed set will be WR50 the Foot Knights.

Monday, 1 February 2016

RFCM Bloody Barons

Always fancied some Medieval figures from Perry Miniatures, and having read on line that some people play Bloody Barons with 28mm figures I thought I'd buy a box and see what they look like.
I also bought some movement trays to create units.
I got these from Products for wargames, 10p per hole!!
I chose the Wars of the Roses infantry set....40 figure that can produce a mix of fully armoured Knights,  men at arms and archers. The convention for BB at 28mm is one figure equals one base. Therefore there's enough figures to make 5 units of 8 bases. 
These equated to two units of Levys, two of Retinue and one Household. I reckon three boxes would give you two armies...not bad really.
These were a bargain at the show, only £18. Mounted on two pence pieces, I'm hoping they will double up for Lion Rampant games too.

Annoyingly the weathers too bad to get them primed.......oh well.

Crusade 2016

My annual pilgrimage is over once again. A good little show with a mix of trade stalls, demo games and Bring and buy.
And of course, Crusade is different to many others with their historical talks.
The DBA competition didn't look too well supported, which was a shame.
Nice demo games though.
Richard from TFL premiering the new version of Sharpe Practice......set in the ACW.
Great Escape Games' new WW2 rules. I had them explained to me, but wasn't tempted. Not sure I liked all the counters on the table to be honest. And I've got too many WW2 rule sets anyway!
Nice looking LRDG/SAS game, shame nothing ever seemed to happen. Always a problem at shows to my way of thinking.
How cool were these though? Lego ish models of WW2 vehicles and guns. I think my grandson would love these.

Good to catch up with the guys from Castle Gamers. Hopefully one day soon I can come along one Sunday.

Not too much spent. To be honest, not too much in the way of new stuff. Never mind, hopefully I'll get to WMMS in March.....bigger show, more choice, Northern manufacturers in attendance so should be in luck.