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Monday, 1 February 2016

RFCM Bloody Barons

Always fancied some Medieval figures from Perry Miniatures, and having read on line that some people play Bloody Barons with 28mm figures I thought I'd buy a box and see what they look like.
I also bought some movement trays to create units.
I got these from Products for wargames, 10p per hole!!
I chose the Wars of the Roses infantry set....40 figure that can produce a mix of fully armoured Knights,  men at arms and archers. The convention for BB at 28mm is one figure equals one base. Therefore there's enough figures to make 5 units of 8 bases. 
These equated to two units of Levys, two of Retinue and one Household. I reckon three boxes would give you two armies...not bad really.
These were a bargain at the show, only £18. Mounted on two pence pieces, I'm hoping they will double up for Lion Rampant games too.

Annoyingly the weathers too bad to get them primed.......oh well.

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