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Thursday, 1 February 2018

Team Yankee - M1 Painting

I finished the M1's (Battlefront & Zvezda) in the same finish.

Up until the application of the MERDC (Mobility Equipment Research & Design Command) camouflage the process was identical to the T64's in my previous post.

I chose to finish the in the Verdant Summer version of MERDC so firstly sprayed light green blotches at random.
Then I added Iraqi Sand lines around the outer edges of some of the blotches and did the same with shorter black lines too.
The tracks were apinted light grey and when dry given a liberal coat of Black Wash.
Then when all the details had been added, the recessed areas were given a black pin wash.
Then there was a dry-brush of Iraqi Sand, spray sand along the sides and finally a coat of varnish for protection.
All looking good now they're finished.

Can you spot which are Battlefront and which are Zvezda? Maybe not? Just goes to show a consistent paint job can help different manufacturers kits to blend together quite nicely!

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