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Monday, 15 October 2018

Perry Travel Battle - Cavalry Figures

Only at home for three nights this week, so the weekend was vital to getting on with my Travel Battle armies ready for my hols next month.

 Having finished my "Red" army infantry, I moved onto the Cavalry & Brigadier figures that were still on the sprues.

I painted the standing cavalry loosely as Dragoons and the galloping figures as Hussars. The Brigadiers were finished as a generic senior officer in smart colourful uniform!

The lighter coloured horses were painted Vallejo Orange Brown with a Vallejo Sepia Wash once dry. Their hooves were picked out in Vallejo German Camo Beige and their tails and mane were picked out in Vallejo Game Black with a Vallejo Game White blaze and socks added to finish them off. At this scale I didn't pick out the bridle etc as the final Vallejo Black Wash of the rider also highlights these sufficiently.

The darker horses were painted all over in Vallejo Dark Grey followed by Vallejo Black Wash once dry.

Once again the finish was all about giving the correct impression at a reasonable distance from the battle boards. Thees figures just need to have their coat of spray varnish and they're ready to use.


  1. Wonderful job!
    You managed to wake up the children's delight in me! I used to think the game from Perry was somehow flat and dull.