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Monday, 19 November 2018

PSC's The Great War - The French Army Expansion - figure painting

Just a quick post to prove I'm still alive.

Family holiday + another work trip abroad have limited my blogging time these past two weeks.

However I've done some modelling and finally got around to playing a game with my TravelBattle set - more of which in  a future blog.

One of the challenges I've been facing myself with these last few weeks, is how to tackle the new softer plastic French army figures I'd just received from PSC.

Two problems came to mind; -

  1. There's loads of them!
  2. Soft plastic and acrylic paints .... will the paint flake off.
These days I tend to look for a suitable spray paint to base coat my figures to try and speed things up. But I couldn't find a suitable blue anywhere. Even if I could....would the paint stick?

Then I had a light bulb moment!!

"What if I just left them the colour they came in and just painted the details? Better still what if i coated them in a blue wash first to pick out the detail and then painted everything else?"

To test my theory, I picked a figure up and tried to coat it in blue wash (Army Painter).... epic fail 😣 the wash just pooled due to the release agent coating the figure.

I should have known better! So I gave the figure a light scrub in some detergent solution, dried it and tried once again. Success 😁

Once it was dry I painted the details (flesh, weapon, webbing, boots etc) and then in turn, washed them with sepia wash.

Result was a very quickly finished figure that looks just fine, And it appears to hold the paint well too. When I base them I'll spray them with varnish so I think they will be just fine.

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