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Monday, 25 November 2019

Loke Double-Sided Neoprene Battle Mat

I've treated myself to a Double Sided Neoprene Gaming Battle Mat 3'x3' foot Grass & Desert for skirmish gaming in the Loser Shed.

Its made by Loke BattleMats and whilst I got mine through Amazon, you can also find them on eBay for the same £39.99 delivered price. 

It is described as; - "the latest in an innovative range of double-sided Neoprene mats! One mat for all you gaming needs! Save space with these great mats, ideal for travelling to games or for use at home! 

3mm Neoprene with a stitched edge, these high quality mats open up a range of gaming opportunities. 

The photo doesn't do this justice. In fact its a hard wearing black man-made finish with carrying strap
Now featuring dedicated space and terrain images, these high quality mats add the perfect backdrop to your game! Ideal 3'x3' size for a huge range of tabletop miniatures games, these mats also look amazing underneath Board, card, tile and dice games!!"

Nice printed resolution too.
I really can't fault their enthusiasm, I'm very impressed with it's quality and finish. It came in a smart travel pouch and lies flat on the table top once unrolled.

Thoroughly recommended.

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