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Friday, 25 February 2011

28mm Modern Italian Special Forces by D&P Minis

These figures are beautifully sculpted by Paul Hicks (Bolt Action Miniatures) and Mark Sims (Crusader Miniatures) on behalf of D&P Minis of Italy, and available in the UK through Vexillia Limited. They retail at £7 for four (Unpainted) and come with seperate heads.

They are well detailed and nicely proportioned. In fact a pleasure to paint.
20 assorted Italian Carabinieri

I've finished them as Carabinieri dressed for anti-terrorist duty in their plain grey combats and blue berets (I have also seen them in Red Berets, but I felt the blue looked better!).

They are armed with a variety of weapons, not just the Beretta SC70 5.56mm Assault Rifle;-
Command Group including radio operator
Support Squad with Panzerfaust AT Rocket Launcher
Rifle Squad with kneeling Minimi Gunner
Rifle Squad with Sniper
Support Squad with MG1 Gunner
All in all an nice group of figures. Useable not only for Modern Skirmish games, but also near future Sci-Fi gaming.

An sadly they have to go........ I have no use for them so they'll be on ebay either tomorrow or Sunday. If you're interested in them drop me an e-mail or have a bid!


  1. Nice minis.
    I bought them too few days ago, and I'm planning to paint the squad for a FoF scenario.

    I'll write a quick list of blue/red berets that italian forces use in abroad mission.
    I hope it helps in your next missions ;-)

    - army air force (helicopters)

    - air force guards

    Red (dark red)
    - Folgore, Army Parachute Brigade
    - Col. Moschin, (Folgore assault Rgt.)
    - Tuscania, Carabinieri Parachute Rgt.


    PS.: Italian flag is green-white-red.

  2. hi i looked on the website and i was wondering what they where called /what type of italains

  3. They are from D&P Minis (http://www.dadiepiombo.com/imofo.html).

    All the figures come with seperate heads. You can order helmets, berets, Alpini helmets, Bersaglieri & boonie hats. You can therefore paint them up to whatever you want them to be.

    All the best

  4. Arturo F.Lorioli17 May 2014 at 10:07

    Very nice paintwork, but, alas ... the Carabinieri blue berets are *very* dark blue (not bright blue) and with a silver metal flaming grenade badge (not gold). Moreover the blue berets are used by the "standard" Carabinieri units (i.e. the ones carrying police duties). Among them are included the Carabinieri of the MSU (Multinational Support Units) that provide military police support to several NATO missions, but in this case they should have a large black brassard on the left upper arm/shoulder with the MP letters in white and the Italian shield (the red stripe should be to the right side, not the left), or a red brassard with the MSU letters and the shield of the international mission. Have a look on Google/Images searching "Carabinieri MSU" for some good pictures . As the Carabinieri MSU are police units, it's rather unlikely to see them in flak-jackets and assault rifles order, except for some sentries etc, they are not combat units and are not used as such . Anyway their dress should be black with red pipings (and not grey), and the boots are black too (and not brown). The "combat" Carabinieri are their Parachutist Regiment, the ones with the Maroon berets, but they do not use the AR70/90 Assault Rifle shown in your miniatures (they use US-made M4), so that miniatures will not do. In case, they use the standard italian army "Vegetata" camo uniforms (Google/image search "Carabinieri Tuscania" for some reference pics) and again black boots etc . The other Carabinieri combat units is the GIS special forces unit, but in field operations they dress *very* casualy, like all SF do nowadays, and with very non-standard armament, so again this miniatures will not do. Sorry of being the carrier of so many bad news ... ;-) ... a pithy, as your paintwork was really very nice!

  5. Thanks for all the detail Arturo. Sadly they've gone to another home, but rest assured if I ever paint them again I'll get them right!