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Sunday, 6 March 2011

Warmaster Empire War Altar

Well I said on an earlier post, that I can't resist anything to do with Warmaster. So when I saw this on ebay for £3 I couldn't resist.
Completed War Altar on the bench with Dwarf Gyrocopter alongside
Over the years I've collected a number of Warmaster Armies. Some purely GW in make up, others a mixture of GW Character sets combined with Pendraken/Irregular/Kallistra figures making up the regiments. In the order I collected the armies, these are what I currently have;-
  1. Undead (3000 points) all GW
  2. Chaos (2000 points) all GW
  3. Orc (1000 points) 50/50 split between Kallistra & Irregular
  4. Dwarf (1250 points) Kallistra
  5. Bretonnians (1000 points) Pendraken
  6. High Elf (2000 points) all GW
You can see from this I now have all the armies from the original rule book except the Empire.

So when I saw the Empire War Altar languishing unloved on ebay I had to have it.... oh and I couldn't leave the Dwarf Gyrocopter for 99p behind either!

Assembled, hot-melt glued onto plastic strips and undercoated white.

I took colour scheme guidance from the the GW website
As I finished each component part of the War Altar I added it to a Warbases 50 x 75mm mdf base and built up the ground around it with Vallejo's grey pumic. This was then painted earth brown, washed with Sepia Dip & dry brushed sand at each stage, as this would be nearly impossible to do when all the figures were in place.

The finished article
Once all the figures were finished they were added and the base finished as described above. Then when totally dry, they were first given a coat of GW Purity Seal followed by Army Painter Anti-Shine. Final step was to add some Jarvis Summer Mix flock with watered down PVA.
Close up of the horse train
The Grand Theogonist himself!
Oh, and the finished Gyrocopter!
Well I have to say I really enjoyed painting this model. You can still obtain the War Altar from GW Specialist Games for £10.75 and it pains me to say that this doesn't represent too bad a value as the quality of sculpting is second to none.

When I bought it, I half thought this might be the start of me finally collecting an Empore Army. Well it certainly was!

You may remember the 28mm Italian Special Forces I showcased last weekend? Well they sold on ebay within 30 minutes of posting, for £60. And low and behold I won an unpainted Empire Army (around 1200-1400 points) on Friday night for £64!

I can't wait for it to arrive and to get started painting it up!

Now the only downside is there's another War Altar included in the lot. And as you can only have one per army........does anyone know someone who wants one??

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