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Tuesday, 15 February 2011

HotT - Undead Army

After a number of years my interest in WRG's Hordes of the Things rules was rekindled by a 99p purchase from ebay.

If I'm honest, I think my favourite scale has to be 10mm and a quick search through my sapres box revealed that I had sufficient Warmaster undead figures to cobble together a  24AP army.

These figures have been hanging around for about 8-9 years and I'd nearly put them on ebay! Good job I didn't.

In total I have;-
  • 1 x Magician General (4AP)
  • 1 x Hero (4AP)
  • 1 x Knights (Chariot 2AP)
  • 2 x Riders (2AP ea)
  • 3 x Shooters (2AP ea)
  • 4 x Hordes (1AP ea)
Now allthey need is some opposition...........

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