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Thursday, 17 February 2011

HotT Wood Elf Army in 10mm

I said I needed some opposition for my Undead, and here they are..........
10mm Wood Elf HotT Army
I've had some of these 10mm figures for probably 10 years or so, without getting around to painting them up. I bought them as a ready made HotT army from Pendraken Miniatures at the WMMS Show when it was still held in Walsall.
Wood Elf Army
 There were originally barely enough figures to make up the 24APs so I've bought a few more to create a mix-and-match force from which a 24AP army can be selected. Including bases, this army has cost less than £10 to create!

In total there are;-
  • 2 x Magicians (1 a General) @ 4AP
  • 1 x Hero @ 4AP
  • 6 x Shooters @ 2AP
  • 4 x Blades @ 2AP
  • 2 x Spears @ 2AP
  • 2 x Riders @ 2AP
Hero & retinue
 For every HotT battle, the defending side has to have a Stronghold on their base edge. For the wood Elves I created a wooded clearing and for the Undead (In keeping with their Tomb King/Egyptian styling) a Pyramid.
Wooded Clearing for the Elves Stronghold

The Tress and Pyramid are both resin castings by The Square. The strongholds, and indeed all the figures, are mounted on 2mm MDF ready cut bases from Warbases.

The Undead's Stronghold - a Pyramid
Next time.......The Dwarves are coming!!!


  1. These look really cool. I've never played a miniatures war game before but I'm trying to get into the hobby. My girlfriend has agreed to play with me if I buy the stuff and do the painting. I have read the hordes of the things rules I downloaded but I'm still really confused on what I should buy miniatures and bases wise so that I end up with the stuff for two full armies. If it's not too much trouble could you tell me what I should buy in order to have enough miniatures and bases to make two hordes of the things armies? I'd love to get started in this hobby but I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed in figuring everything out. Thanks for any help you can provide.

  2. Oh and which fantasy races I start with isn't as important to me as picking ones that would be the easiest for a beginner to paint. And one other question. Using 10mm do you follow the basing specifications for 15mm?

  3. Hi Josh, sorry for the delay in replying.

    If you look on the Pendraken site their cheap ready packed fantasy armies (not the new ones for their Warband rule) some are as little as £6. They provide a 24AP army without any variations that are all you need to get going. Base them as per 15mm on 40mm wide mdf bases - get these off eBay.
    The Dwarf armies I use are very easy to paint up as were the barbarians. Take a look on my blog to get an idea for paint schemes.

    Let me know if there's anything else I can help with.