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Sunday, 20 February 2011

Plastic Soldier Company 15mm Russians

I have for a couple of years now, enjoyed Blitzkrieg Commander rules for WW2. I play these using Skytrex 1/200th vehicles and a mixture of different manufacturers 10mm figures.

Recently I have decided to collect a few WW2 armies to use for BKC in 15mm.

This has come about as our local model shop in Hereford now stocks the F.O.W. range from Battlefront and Firestorm Games in Cardiff (where my youngest son lives) stock the Forged in Battle range, making it far easier for me to get things to paint without the misery of paying P&P!

I'm afraid I have to say that Flames of War as a set of rules leaves me cold, so I won't be going there. However their 15mm range of vehicles is good and I enjoy assembling & painting these. I am particularly impressed with the Forged in Battle range which is both good value and very high quality.

Anyhow, enough of this.....what about the Plastic Soldier Company 15mm range?

Box Art

Well in line with my plan to collect WW2 armies in 15mm for BKC, I treated myself to a box of the 130 Russian Infantry and 5 x T34 tanks at the recent Crusade Event at Penarth.

And most impressive they are....

26 figures per sprue - no flash!

Figures coming in at less than 14p ea and the T34's at £3.50ea can't be bad. But what do they paint up like? I thought I'd paint up 9 figures (3 bases worth) to try them out.

First I mounted them on a plastic strip using low temp hot melt glue (makes them easier to handle)

Then they get undercoated using Army Painter White Primer.
(More about the vehicles in the picture another time..........)

A liberal coat of Vallejo Tan Yellow........
.....weapon's woodwork and leather equipment picked out in Beasty Brown....
....rucksacks and straps in heavy brown....
...blanket roll in olive drab....
to be continued....................

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