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Friday, 18 February 2011

HotT - Dwarf Army

I painted & based a 10mm Dwarf Army for Warmaster about 6 years ago, using figures from the Kallistra range. This left me with 16 Dwarves armed with bows that were surplus to requirements, languishing in my spares box!

As these figures are from the same sculptor who created Pendraken's 10mm Fantasy range I decided to invest in sufficient additional Hill Dwarves to build another HotT army.
10mm Dwarf Army for HotT
Actually I ended up with slightly more figures than I needed, so (as with the Wood Elves) it's possible to mix-and-match the army up to the 24AP limit.
Dwarf King borne by Dwarf Monks - The Army General
In total I have;-
  • 1 x Dwarf King (General) @ 4AP
  • 10 x Blades @2AP
  • 4 x Shooters @2AP
10mm Dwarf Bowmen (Shooters)
10mm Dwarf Warriors (Blades)
The recommended Stronghold for a Dwarf Army is a bronze door in the side of a hill. However I decided to go for something different and I found just what I wanted in the aquarium section on ebay...for only £2.99 delivered!

A coat of Vallejo sepia wash, some highlights on the bushes and a decent base job and Bob's your Uncle! Altogether I'm very pleased with the outcome - and the whole lot only came to a little over £10.

Come on Colin there's no excuse you can even download the rules for free (WRG).......time for a game I think!

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