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Friday, 22 April 2011

Normandy 2011 - Day One 26th March

We'd decided to travel via the Dover/Calais ferry and drive down to Normandy, taking in the ancient battlefield on the way. In 1415, 25,000 French were defeated by a 6,000 strong English Army under Henry V.
The Battle
Visitors centre closed at 5pm and we arrived at 4.30 so we didn't bother looking  around. (I've since heard it's not actually that good, so we probably had a lucky escape)
Bruce adopting the pose at the Agincourt Visitor's Centre

The battlefield is now much changed as the flanking, dense woodland no longer exists.
At the final English position, looking towards their left flank where once would have been dense woods.
The route around the battle took in the English camp area and then up the English right flank to where the French were cut down by our longbowmen. All in all an awesome experience.
This was a good place to stop, around the half way mark between Calais and Port-en-Bessin where we were staying. To this point we'd not used the motorway much (3€ in tolls so far) the rest of the journey was mainly toll roads with a couple of impressive toll bridges thrown in. It cost a further 17€ in fees!
Good job Diesel's cheaper in France!

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