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Monday, 11 April 2011

Zvezda 1/100 T-26 M Soviet Light Tank

I was in my local model shop on Saturday and was thinking how good a selection of wargaming products they now stock. Things are definitely looking up. In fact the best thing that ever happened was GW opening a store in Hereford and the Model shop dropping their stock!

  • Warlord Games - 28mm Ancients + Pike & Shotte
  • Perry & Victrix - 28mm Napoleonics & ACW
  • Plastic Soldier Company - Russians & Germans in 20mm
  • Battlefront - 15mm WW2 Flames of War
Whilst mooching through the FoW packs looking for a Sherman Crab I noticed that they now stocked the PSC T34s and Russian Infantry in 15mm as well! Then alongside these were propped the new Zvezda 1/100 T26 M & Panzer II models.
Zvezda's new 1/100 T26 M

I couldn't resist trying out the Russian Light Tank to bolster my growing 15mm Russian army so I quickly parted with my £2.75!
Carton Rear

Well what did I get for my money?
Yes! That really is it!!

What looks like a cleanly moulded FIVE part snap together kit in olve green hard plastic. There's a Hull top & bottom, Turret and two Track units.......that's it.

You get a simple set of instructions and a data card which is something to do with Zvezda's new Boxed Wargame, I think.

Well this one won't take too long to assemble.......

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