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Wednesday, 15 June 2011

15mm Forged in Battle SS Infantry

My Son bought me a pack of these figures for Xmas......and I've finally completed them!

The SS Infantry Rifle Platoon retails at £9 (and you can find them on eBay at this price P&P free) and for that you get 40 individual figures.
Based for BKC II
Each pack contains;-
1 x Officer
1 x 50mm Mortar Team
3 x NCO
3 x LMG Teams
28 x Infantrymen
All the figures are well sculpted and cast from pliable white metal which allows barrels to be straightened etc. The figures are all depicted wearing the Camo smock over their Field Grey uniform. The detail of which is very good. Some have the sleeves rolled up to reveal field grey tunic beneath. All have the laces depicted around the wearers neck.
Some have plain steel helmets, some camo covers and some have foliage attached - there are even one or two with side caps. Most figures wear jackboots but there are one or two in ankle boots and putees. All display the correct collection of webbing equipment (Bread bag, Canteen, Respirator case, Mess tin and Entrenching tool.
Weapons are over scale as you'd expect but represent an accurate platoon mix of 3 MGs, 3 SMGs for the NCOs and Rifles for the majority. There is even a two man team with the 50mm mortar. In my pack I think one MP40 was missing it's barrel due to a casting error, but otherwise all were very well cast.
CO Group at the front with Officer anf 50mm Mortar Team
There is a big selection of poses so you will have little trouble making multiple bases look different to one another.
The CO base with highly animated officer and 50mm Mortar!
All the figures were based on Warbases mdf (30x30mm for inf, HQs & MGs and 40x40mm for the CO group) and the bases textured with Vallejo pumice. Once undercoated, the base was painted earth brown and highlighted before the figures were painted with Vallejo acrylics. Finally when complete they figures were washed in Vallejo Sepia before two coats of varnish.
The NCO with missing SMG barrel - doesn't really detract from an excellent pose.
All in all I think these are some of the best 15mm WW2 figures on the market at the moment and they represent excellent value for money at 22.5p per figure. Thoroughly recommended.

I have the HMG and Mortar teams to match and will be painting these up over the coming weeks to complete my German BKC II Army.

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