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Tuesday, 14 June 2011

CWC Falklands War in 15mm

For a number of years I have had the idea that I would like to put on a demo game of one of the major infantry actions of the Falklands war - perhaps Goose Green or Mt. Longdon.

This was put on hold because I couldn't find suitable rules (I'd even had a go at writing my own) nor were there suitable figures.

About 3-4 years ago I came across the MJ Figures range of Falklands 15mm figures at a WMMS show. Now there was a source of suitable figures all I needed were some rules.

With the introduction of CWC this became a reality, so I quickly got my order into Shieldwall Games who distributed the MJ Figures range.

I eventually got my order after a bit of a wait and set to painting them up.
 To start with I ordered enough Paras/Marines to start making up a Battalion of four companies. Each company has three infantry bases (each representing one platoon) with an HQ base. As you can see I had enough figures for three companies at this figure ratio with a CO base (four figures), an FAO and a Sniper base.
The figures are very well sculpted. Capturing the character of the British Infantry of that time perfectly. Figures are mainly armed with SLRs and equipped with '58 Pattern Webbing. The range has a core number of sculpts, and these are then available with helmets or berets and with/without Bergans. The metal they are cast in is a little brittle so you had to be careful when straightening those rifle barrels.
 There are also a few GPMGs in the light role, Charley G's (Carl Gustav 84mm) and 66's (LAW 66mm).
 As I remember, the range also included the Scimitar Light Tank, 105mm Field gun and some Special Forces figures.

There were also Argentinian Troops to match. Though this range was slightly less structured. Every pack seemed to include at least one 3.5" Rocket launcher and overall the mix of poses/equipment was less useful. they did, however look the part in their parkas with goggles mounted on their helmets etc.
 I just bought myself one pack to be going on with, but I think there were also packs of dug-in troops, 105mm Light Guns and Panhard Armoured Cars available in the range.

Sadly, Shieldwall Games seemed to disappear. At the time, there were a lot of quite irate posts on TMP about undelivered orders etc.. and that seemed to be the end of my dream.

Geoff from QRF has been promising a Falklands range for a couple of years but nothing has appeared just yet and to be honest there weren't any other ranges of figures that fitted the bill.

Imagine my excitement when I stumbled on this website MJFIGURES.CO.UK the other day!

Yes they're back (well almost). I contacted Mark via the site and he hopes to have the range back in production by September 2011.......I can hardly wait.


  1. I really like your DPM painting style! And yes, MJ Figures are back in production.

  2. Hi Tim- Excellent Falklands 15mm- superb painting and presentation. So impressed by what you have achieved I've placed an order for the MJ Figures- if they turn out half as good as yours I will be most happy. Can you tell me the size of your 3 man bases please- in mm. Regards. KEV. p.s. I've joined your site.

    1. Thanks for the comments. Did you see the downloadable Falklands buildings I built last year?
      The infantry three man bases are 30 x 40mm mdf. Command bases are 30 x 30mm and single figures (I.e. Sniper) 20 x 20mm.

    2. Thanks Tim for the information on the Base sizes- this will come in very handy for me when the figures arrive and building structures such as buildings. Yes, I have seen your excellent post on the Falklands buildings- the paper models turned out a treat- your buildings do inspire. One last question Tim- what are the Rules you favour for your 15mm Falklands games? I'd be very interested to know this. Regards. KEV.

  3. These figures were originally based for use with Cold War Commander rules. These provide a good (if slightly abstracted) game. The rule book includes army lists for the period and there are also some good scenarios and AARs on line - i.e for Mt Longdon.
    Since then I've been introduced to Crossfire Rules and whilst these are written for WW2 the principle of their mechanics would be excellent for Falklands battles.

    1. Thankyou Tim. I have heard of Cold War Commander- seems very popular- I havn not played it myself. The WW2 Crossfire rules I'd imagine are simular to 'Rapid Fire' and work well with Modern Periods. I have not had a game in ages and was thinking of writing my own rules for the Falklands to Solo Games...I should take a look at Cold war Commander. Regards. KEV.
      p.s., Do you have a current Phone Number for MJ Miniatures? - they do not seem to want to answer e-mails.

  4. CWC lends itself to solo play and gives a good, quick game. Crossfire is quite unique in design (No fixed moves, no rulers etc.) so isn’t to everyone’s cup of tea. Another to consider is Force on Force – the rule book actually includes a Falklands Scenario – Top Malo House.

    CWC is out of print, but you can download it from Lulu or they come up on ebay from time to time.

    MJFigures are notorious for being hard to track down! The range has been sold a couple of times since they first appeared and I believe it’s a guy in N. Ireland who now markets them. I’m sorry but I haven’t a phone number for them, but BattleStudios take the range to trade shows and may be able to help – their mobile is 07785939885.

    To be honest, if I were starting again I’d go with the new(ish) 10mm Falklands range from Pendraken. Their figures are superb and the range is far more extensive!

    1. Thanks Tim for your help. I decided to order from MJ Figures and I'm hoping they come through with the goods- I do like their figures...did look seriously at Pendraken 10mm Falklands extensive range and I concluded that I was better with 15mm as I am not too confident of being able to paint the British camo in 10mm. Thanks for the tip on CWC. Regards. KEV.