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Sunday, 5 June 2011

6mm Israeli Battle Group for the 1973 war

The remainder of the miniatures I bought in Bristol have made a substantial Battle Group suited to the 1973 war.
The Complete Battle Group
In total there is enough stuff to make a 4,800-point army for CWC.
The army consists of; -
•    CO                                                         (120pts)
•    HQ x 2                                                   (120pts)
•    FAO                                                       (30pts)
•    FAC                                                       (45pts)
•    Infantry Units x 10 (M20 upgrade)       (450pts)
•    Support Units x 3 (M106 107mm)        (300pts)
•    Support Units x 3 (M113 TOW)           (675pts)
•    Tank Units x 14 (M60 105mm)            (2030pts)
•    Air Defence Units x 2 (AA, M163)      (130pts)
•    Artillery Units x 3 (152-155mm)         (180pts)
•    Aircraft Units x 2 (F-4 Phantom)         (330pts)
•    Transport Units x 10 (M113)               (450pts)
                                                       Total = 4860pts

Infantry bases with shoulder launched A/T capability
Air Support from two F4 Phantoms
Infantry Transported in M113 APCs
The CO Base
An HQ Base
Armour in the form of M60's
Artillery support from a battery of three 155mm
AA Cover from two M163 Vulcan 20mm
The vehicles used by the Israeli army during this period have now largely disappeared from service, or at least have been so highly modified as to no longer resemble the original vehicle. However these vehicles are still in use in many Middle Eastern states - Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan and Iran to name but four. They were also still in use with the US Marine Corps in the 1991 Gulf War.

For this reason I have kept markings to a minimum to allow the army to used flexibly .... how about a clash on the Iran/Iraq border?

Oh well.......on with the next project now. These like the other Israeli Army have to go to a new home.

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