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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

First game of Force on Force

Well last night Colin and I were taken through the basic infantry mechanics for the first time by Si . Wow! A lot to take in but what an elegant system?

We chose to meet up at the Gaming Club which meets every Tuesday evening at the Swan Inn at the bottom of Aylestone Hill in Hereford. Most of the guys play WH or WH40K, but there was a small game of AK47 going on too.
Look at those buildings! I want some.......
We didn't fight a scenario as such. We just pitted 2 USMC (D8) Fireteams against 3 low grade (D6) Iraqi sections. This allowed us to learn the firing system, how to intervene and the Overwatch option.

We can see how powerful Overwatch can be if used wisely and also how even D6 infantry can get the better of Hi-Tech Marines if they've got as unlucky a dice thrower as me!

The figures used were my recently finished Peter Pig Minis and the terrain all Si's - a mixture of Battlefront's "Battlefield in a box" Resin casts and his own scratch built buildings built from foam board and thin ply. I think his buildings were some of the cleverest I've seen - each floor could be lifted off to allow figure access and being built on long strips meant they could be laid out to quickly form a street grid on the sand coloured cloth base.

A good night was had......I'm convinced now that FoF is a game worth investing in and will be getting myself some more stuff soon.

Next time we meet up, Si's going to introduce us to Crossfire WW2 in 15mm. I've owned the rules for years but never read them thoroughly or played them before. Looks like I'd better get a move on......

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  1. Game looks good. Especially the buildings. This is what worries me about FoF - getting the terrain for a good game!