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Tuesday, 10 January 2012

15mm Plastic Soldier Company SDKFZ 251/D - Part Four

Well I'm on the home stretch now. Just final assembly and varnishing to go.
If you mount the standing gunner figure, you will likely only fit 3 other seated figures in the back.
The stowage can be added to suit your taste. To be honest using every piece on every vehicle would be overkill, so I've picked and chosen to suit.
After all the stowage and figures were glued into place, the models were sprayed GW Purity Seal followed by Army Painter Matt Varnish. the very last step was to attach a bit of static grass to the bases.

Now the halftracks were completed, I thought I'd better compare them to my solitary Battlefront resin item. You can see below, that they're not a bad match!
Battlefront (left) vs. PSC (right)
Battlefront (left) vs. PSC (right)
Battlefront (bottom) vs. PSC (top)
Well that's nearly it. Just the shamelessly indulgent photo gallery below, to come before the final judgement..............
All five finished halftracks
If you omit the standing gunner, there's room for six seated figures (just!).

Tank Hunters with added Panzerschreck.


  • Fantastic quality - excellent stand alone models
  • All the extras!
  • Value for money (around £3.30 a piece)
  • Good match with Battlefront
  • etc....
  • Time taken to build & finish! (worth it though)
  • How strong will they be during gaming?
  • Almost too beautiful to ever use .....
As you've guessed, I'm really blown away by these little AFVs. I've enjoyed making them and am very pleased with the end result. For my money they're probably the best 15mm 251's on the market . Thoroughly recommended.


  1. thanks for the review, actually, they look better than the other brand

  2. Outstanding! And a huge help to me for when I'm ready to do my own. Thanks.

  3. Thanks for the comments, Guys.

    All the best