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Wednesday, 2 May 2012

More Thoughts on Rules for WW1 in 10mm

Ok so it looks like BKC II might be a good starting point for a set of fast play WW1 rules. But what does every good set of WW1 rules cover?

Well here's a summary of the specialist rules covered off in the various sets I own;-

Command & Control - limited comms. / fog of war / lack of initiative etc.

Gas / Chemical weapons

Air Support - very limited ground attack capability / arty. Spotting

Stosstruppen - elite infiltration tactics

Indirect MG barrages - and the use of MGs in defence

Trench Warfare - bunkers / dugouts / pillboxes / barbed wire

Artillery - pre-planned barrages ( Rolling, box, lifting, hurricane etc) / on/off table field guns / counter battery fire

Tactical Advances 1914-18 - just the shear change in warfare during this short period.


And last but by no means least.........

The early AFVs - armoured cars at first followed by the tanks later!

So there you are. All I need to do is bolt some rules for these onto BKC II and I'm good to go!

No pressure.....

By the way, here's the rest of my research material......

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