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Wednesday, 4 July 2012

WW1 2mm Terrain Pieces (2)

How to simulate the bands of wire to the front of the trench lines was a bit of a poser.

I decided to use 40x20mm mdf bases because (1) I'd got enough spare! (2) the aerial pics I've seen of the Western Front tend not to show endless bands but localised sections of wire with gaps covered by MGs allowing access for trench raids etc.

I first considered using wargames barbed wire (like the GW product) but felt this unnecessarily expensive and it would be difficult to get the wire to lie flat.

I finally settled on lengths of florists wire. This material is dirt cheap, easy to cut and bend, and lies flat until the PVA sets.

First step was to texture the mdf bases with PVA and birdcage sand.

Then I cut and bent lengths of wire to a 'W' shape and stuck them down.

Lastly the finished bases were painted etc.

I firstly spray undercoat, followed by a coat of 'Anita's' coffee acrylic. Then I add depth with a wash of Johnsons Klear + brown ink and then when dry, a dry brush of sand. The wire was picked out in grey, followed by flesh wash to simulate rust followed by a dry brush of silver.

When all was dry I spray everything with GW Purity seal and then add a little flock.

Job done!

At this scale it's all about the "impression" of what your looking at. I think these bases give the impression of a single band of coiled barbed wire zig-zagging across the fronts of the trenches - just what I was looking for.

The finished shot gives you a view of a trench line with a bunker protected by wire. See what you think?

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