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Sunday, 17 June 2012

WW1 2mm - Terrain Pieces (1)

Some basic terrain pieces are required for The Pz8 rules;-

Barbed wire

These can be downloaded and printed off onto card, from their website, if you wish. I, however, fancied having a go at building some that would be more visually appealing.

To start with I tackled the trenches.

I chose to use 60x20mm mdf per-cut bases. This is the correct width for the grid squares and narrow enough to allow a bunker as well as wire to also fit in the same square if needed.

To simulate the trench lines I had a bit of a brainwave! Visiting Hobbycraft with my wife I found some self-adhesive foam sheet for 79p.

I first cut this into pieces 60x10mm.

Then I cut this through the middle (lengthways) with a pair of my wife's special "crafting" scissors that cut a slightly curved edge Zig-Zag line - see pics.

Next I stuck the two foam strips 2mm apart to create an impression of a trench line.

The base was textured with a mixture of sand and PVA and Vallejo Pumice.

Finally painted and weathered in acrylics and with flock added I'm really pleased with the end result.

Next I need to think how to simulate wire at this scale ......


  1. Not a scale that interests me I must admit, but great idea for the trenches and they look good.

    1. Thanks Mark. I intend 10mm being my main scale for WW1 but as I had the 2mm lying around and fancied trying out the Pz8 rules, I thought I'd give them a go.. Just wished 10mm trenches would be as easy!

  2. Your site is fascinating to me because you are similar to me in your search for rules and figures, etc.

    I'm speaking generally about your site, not necesarilly of WWI.

    Enjoying the read, keep it up.

    btw, I've stolen/borrowed some of your pics for a blog entry on my site - let me know if i should take them off. I gladly will, since I didn't ask permission first.


  3. Neat idea for the trenches! and nice board and figures, too. Thank you for your interest about the rules

  4. Really interesting. At present I use 2mm for ancients and 3mm for ACW, but with Pz8 rules I decided for 10mm for Belleau Wood.
    You can see this scenario on our blog http://fogsoldiers.blogspot.com

    Happy Wargaming.


  5. Thats what happened to my scissors ;) x

  6. It looks like they got glue on them too! Gotta be careful with pictures.

  7. Hah hah ...... They're my scissors now!