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Sunday, 2 June 2013

28mm Perry 8th Army Figures

Nearly half way through these now. 
I'm painting these as wargame miniatures, i.e. probably spending less than 15mins. per figure to finish them.
I'm so impressed with their quality of design. You really can make many, many variations with the wide choice of headgear, weapons, arms etc. all this with very little "adjustment" of parts required - they really just seem to fit first time!
It is possible to produce a healthy mix of both fighting poses and advancing/less aggressive poses.
Together with a selection of prone figures - Bren team, Boyes AT Rifle team and 2" mortar team.
I guess if I had a criticism it would be that you can only have one prone Bren team, the others have to be advancing. But it's only a minor gripe, if you don't want the Boyes or mortar, then Bob's your Uncle  you've three teams all firing their Brens prone. The choice is yours.

Right, alll that's left to do is a clump of flock here and there and these are ready to go.....


  1. Hi, saw your blog on Breakthrough Assault list and like the job on the perry mini's. Can you add me to your blog list please and I will add you to mine.