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Tuesday, 6 August 2013

28mm PSC Russian Support Weapons

Well I've finally got around to assembling and painting some of my Russian Heavy Weapon set. I have to say I'm really impressed!
The figures are a real improvement over the infantry set. In many cases they are multi-part to introduce more interesting poses.
This Maxim looks a little small against the figures, and the loader lacks an ammo box but all the same I still like this group.
I've probably got more mortars now than I'll ever need! But at least I've got a choice!
The anti-tank rifle comes both deployed (both revamped figures from their infantry box) and there is a figure walking with it on his shoulder (the same figure carrying the light mg in their infantry box).

Still to be painted - the mg crew on the move towing their Maxim. A lovely pair f figures, very animated.

All in all a very good value set of figures. For Bolt Action or (dare I say it) Chain of Command, a real bargain. Please PSC, do some of your other ranges in 28mm!

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