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Thursday, 15 August 2013

Dead Man's Hand - 28mm Wild West

In a weak moment, supported by my Dear Wife I hasten to add, I parted with a considerable sum of money and bought myself so DMH items from Great Escape Games.
I'd already bought myself the rules to read through, from Firestorm Games in Cardiff. The book is a little thin for £20 rrp. Even with the card deck, I think it's a little steeply priced. You can probably see in the photos the glossy, softcover is already starting to look dog-eared.
I've only read it through once, it looks easy enough to get into, and there are lots of examples. Noticeably missing is anything to do with horses? Do I feel a supplement coming on?
The first new purchase was a 4Ground building to go with the game. This is the Marshal's office costing £24.
This seemed very extravagant but Colette was adamant I could have it! Building was straight forward following the clear colour instructions included.

It is a fantastic model when finished. Fully painted inside and out, it features an office with opening front door and a barred inner door to the cell area. The two cells have opening doors and there's an opening steel reinforced door out of the area in front. The roof and veranda lift off to give you full access and sections of walls with the iron barred windows from the cells can be removed during a 'breakout' scenario.
Reminded me of my old Timpo Wild West town from 40 odd years ago. By the end I was convinced it was worth every penny and can't wait to get some more!

I also treated myself to a box of their figures......I'll leave that until the next episode.


  1. Might I suggest Fistful of Lead for only $6 pdf?

  2. Maybe one day. I'd like to try GW Legends too.