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Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Warlord 28mm Ruined Farmhouse

My dear wife bought me this for my birthday, and a very useful addition to my terrain collection it is.
There are sufficient parts to assemble a variety of ruins. I chose to create a ruined house (which I thought was reminiscent of my much loved Airfix Strongpoint from the 1970's) and a smaller ruined cottage or outbuilding.
I glued the finished ruins to sheets of 3mm Perspex I had lying around. And created the effect of tone flooring with some old vacuum formed sheet I found in my spares box.
You could always use the pieces in any way you wished. It would be possible to create a large farmhouse ruin or half a dozen small ruined corner walls to use as cover from fire.
If I have a complaint with the kit it's that the larger pieces are terribly warped. I tried straightening with hot water, but failed dismally and decided to accept that's the way it was going to be!
I covered the bases with PVA and sand and when dry, sprayed them in grey car primer.
I then painted them with black wash before I dry brushed light grey over the top.
I wasn't that impressed with the finish and I went back and dry brushed with a brown/light grey mix which gave a much warmer "Normandy" look. This was highlighted with dry brushed buff.
When dry I picked out remaining areas of plaster/render in white - weather around the edges with sepia wash.
Finally the base was painted brown and dry brushed buff before adding static grass. The slates were made from the one remaining corner piece I had left over. I spray varnished both buildings to protect them during handling.

I'm very pleased with the end result. At first they might seem expensive at £13.50 (if bought alone) or about £30 for three on some discount sites. But when compared to mdf equivalents (which would lack the detail we have here) they are pretty good value for what in effect has produced two ruined buildings.

As stated earlier, my only real gripe is the degree of warping. I can put up with this though, it is a ruin after all! 


  1. Looking good! I agree on the similarity with the Airfix cottage.

    1. Thanks Leif.

      Good memories of playing with 1/32 Airfix figures painted in gloss colours by my Dear Old Dad!