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Sunday, 12 January 2014

Bargain 28mm Wild West Buildings

Last week looking on eBay I found a set of five mdf buildings for just £29.95 delivered from a trader in Newquay Cornwall, called "the Troll Trader"!
The set comprised five items;
1. Bank
2. Saloon
3. General Store
4. Sheriff's Office
5. Gallows
All are simple models made in a similar style to those supplied by Battle Flag and Arcane Scenery. They come  un assembled and un painted but are quick and easy to put together and decorate.
A nice touch are the fixtures and fittings that come with every building! For example, the General store comes with a counter, three sets of shelves and some packing bases to stack on the shelves.
To finish the general store I firstly sprayed the walls (both sides) with white primer and the roof in black primer. The floor was finished by gluing "planked flooring" that I'd found the internet and printed out.
Then after assembling the building, I painted the walls, door and window frames, and sign with acrylics.

All in all I think these models present really excellent value for money with each item costing just £6 each! Give them a go!

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