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Sunday, 19 January 2014

More 28mm mdf Wild West Buildings completed

The next kits I have had a go at are the gallows and the sheriff's office.
The gallows are a simple, quick to build kit. Ok the hatch doesn't work for real like some kits, but you've got the choice to leave it open or closed.
The noose was made from some fine string, soaked in PVA. Once dry, it was painted and highlighted and glued to the cross beam. To finish the gallows I just washed any "Virgin" areas of mdf with sepia wash. The surface areas singed by the laser look fine as they are.
The sheriff's office differs from the rest of the group as it has a small lean-to cell added to the rear. This has a lift-off roof with detail of shingled engraved.
The cell is separated from the main building by a finely laser-cut set of iron bar doors. A bit small for a lengthy stay (I don't think a 28mm villain could actually lie down!) but ok to leave a drunk to sober up!
The interior comes with a gun cabinet and a (somewhat random!) large crate! These provide some interest and potential cover, so I'm not moaning.
I glued the front doors open and finished the interior off with some "wanted" posters printed off the web (from the Foundry Rules with no name). Once again, I'm seriously please with these.

Only two left to do, the bank and the saloon.


  1. ha ha love them models you have done amazing job on them any idea which company makes them

  2. I got them from the Troll Trader. They're based in Cornwall and sell via eBay..

    A real bargain