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Monday, 10 March 2014

Something different - £2 Abrams from the Works!

Whilst looking around our local branch of The Works, I spotted a kit of the M1 Abrams reduced to just £1.99. In fact they had loads of them, so I thought I'd buy one just to find out what they were like.
On opening I found two cleanly moulded sprues, a hill and turret, some paints, brush and stickers and some incomprehensible assembly instructions!
Before assembly I decided to prime it white and brush paint the main parts Iraqui Sand.

Assembly wasn't rocket science and resulted in a roughly 28mm scale model!
Whilst the detail is rather basic to say the least and the turret (which is fixed) lacks the panels under the mantelet, it could still play a part in a skirmish game.
Grab yourselves a bargain.

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