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Sunday 9 February 2014

Special treat - mdf Paint Rack

I showed Colette a link to an mdf paint rack I'd seen on the web (http://www.wargame-model-mods.co.uk/ourshop/prod_2859234-paint-stand-50-bottles.html) that looked to be just what I wanted. Until now I'd a cheap spice jar rack as a substitute. I measured the gap, but sadly I hadn't room to fit one of these new ones in :-(
Unbeknown to me, she'd been in touch with the proprieter, Tom, and he'd designed and built a "landscape" version that was perfect for what I wanted. Once he was happy with the design, Colette purchased one as a surprise pressie!!

I dry assembled it first to get the idea of how it went together (it comes with instructions) and once happy, PVA'd it all together in no more than 10 mins. Left it to set overnight before I fix it to the wall. I glued a strip of mdf to the back (some of the packing material) and then drilled this to allow a couple of screws to support the rack against the wall.
There we are, finished. All my Vallejo paints and washes in the rack, some GW washes on the top. Very pleased.


  1. That looks excellent. Does storing the Vallejo like that reduce nozzle clogging?

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  3. To be honest no. If anything the nozzle gets full of the thinner that separates out during storage. This then takes a lot more shaking to get the paint thoroughly mixed. It saves a lot of bench space though!

  4. Cheers. Makes it easier to see the colours as well! I've been gradually painting the tops of all my Vallejo bottles!